APS Packaging-Cosmetics and Household Cleaners Industry Inc.
Environmental Policy

In the course of the operations carried out, we assume the responsibility of working in an environment-friendly manner by establishing the trust and collaboration with the customers, suppliers and other organizations, minimizing the pollution and accidents and we take protective and preventive measures towards achieving this objective.

We follow the local laws and regulations concerning the environment; and adapt and perform the relevant areas and production operations in parallel with the laws and regulations; we comply with the relevant amendments.

We identify all environmental risks that may arise in our organization and take actions that will bring effects on the environment to acceptable levels.  We keep our employees, guests and contractors informed about environmental hazards, effects on the environment and actions taken.

We make effort to get the support of all employees, increase the awareness through certain programs and provide training for achieving the efficiency in environment-friendly operations.

Attention is paid to work with suppliers operating in a manner not polluting and threatening the environment, we collaborate for increasing the awareness on this matter when required.

We set targets for the purpose of maintaining and improving ISO 14001 Environmental management system, we ensure continuous improvement with periodical monitoring process.

We recognize and apply national laws and practices relating nature conservation and deforestation.

We take measures to avoid damage to High Conservation Value and High Carbon Stock forest.

We afforest an equivalent treeless land to avoid deforestations due to land use changed by our company.