APS Packaging-Cosmetics and Household Cleaners Industry Inc.
Social Compliance And Ethics Policy

We committed that:

As we APS will not work employee whose age is under the legal limits,

Deal to all our employees within the principles of equity in matters of recruitment, salary, promotion, complaint and layoff,

Will not keep employees who works by force and involuntary,

Our employees can use their personal rights fully and correctly,

Will not make corporate punishment and will not allow verbal, physical and psychological abuse or coercion,

Will not make pressure to our employees not to join a community,

Will not make religion, belief, language, race, sexual orientation, age, and gender discrimination,

Will respect to customs and traditions of the countries in which we work with,

Will determine the working hours by the legal limits and predicate the minimum wage which is the lowest salary that can afford the basic expenses of employees and will pay overtime salary that required by law,

Will provide appropriate working conditions to our employees by believing that they have rights in working conditions which is suitable to human dignity and healthy and safety environment,

Will not let to be grafted or bribed, will not be in a trade relationship with third parties who want to do it by bribery and corruption,

Will not accept gift except symbolical ones,

Will accept the financial and commercial information of our company and the customers which we are in commercial relationship as special and hold them as secret and will inform our employees about that,

Will respect the laws for money laundering and antimonopoly,

Will respect the control laws of the foreign companies in their countries which we are in a trade relationship,

Will not let people to have employees do illegal work by using their position and seniority through the imposition.

General Manager / Chairman