APS Packaging-Cosmetics and Household Cleaners Industry Inc.
Quality Policy

We understand the expectations of our customers fully in order to achieve customer satisfaction and we endeavor to meet such expectations so our customers feel valued.

We attach importance to mutual trust, confidentiality principle, applicable standards and legal requirements while meeting with our clients’ demands.

We revise and improve our quality management systems compliant to ISO 9001, ISO 22716 Cosmetics GMP, BRC Food, BRC Consumer Product standards as a requirement of our customer-oriented process approach, product safety, context of our organization and continuous improvement principle.

We regularly review all systems applied by us, set targets and support the continuous improvement thereof.

We provide services particularly for cosmetics, food, cleaning, agro (agricultural and veterinary pharmaceutics) products of domestic or international companies in powder, granulated, pellet, liquid, gel, and napkin forms. We manage our processes in 3 main groups .

  1. Contract Packaging: standards-compliant contract packaging of APS products or products manufactured with customers’ know-how
  2. Contract Manufacturing: standards-compliant contract manufacturing of the products based on production and packaging know-how of the customer
  3. Private Label Manufacturing :  Manufacturing of the products with private label and ultimate performance as required by the customers by offering complete services including  R&D and design services as well as manufacturing and packaging know-how of APS

We ensure continuous compliance with the applicable laws and legislations of the relevant ministries at product development, manufacturing and launching stages as per the requirements of our sector.

We support continuous development process of our subcontractors and suppliers and we conduct regular and planned inspections and evaluations for this purpose.

We offer periodical and planned trainings so our employees fully understand the principles and show commitment about our company’s quality policy and management systems.

General Manager / Chairman