APS Packaging-Cosmetics and Household Cleaners Industry Inc.
Our Food Safety Policy

Our Legal Compliance,

To produce authentic products in compliance with the national, international standards and legislative requirements throughout all processes by pursuing the ultimate goal of meeting customers’ requirements and establishing customer satisfaction.

Our Success Indicators And Performance Criteria On Food Safety

  • Regular monitoring of inspection results,
  • Regular monitoring of Customer and/or Consumer complaints,
  • Regular controls related with the equipment and staff members deployed within the scope of microbiology program,
  • Raw material and finished product controls,
  • Monitoring of corrective and preventive actions,
  • Development and implementation of annual training  plan in order to maintain the performance levels,

Our Operational Priorities on Food Safety

  • Taking preventive actions required to ensure food safety,
  • Working in compliance with the national and international standards,
  • Shipping packages in strict compliance with the excellence principle,
  • Performing regular controls in connection with the factory floor, processes and finished products, ensuring traceability and  identifiability,
  • Implementing solutions and taking responsibility by considering both positive and/or negative outcomes,

Our Main Focuses in Food Safety

  • Implementing and constantly improving our processes in order to meet the needs and expectations customers and increase customer satisfaction,
  • Achieving quality consistency with all products and packaging,
  • Challenging the previous accomplishments in quality standards at all times,
  • Maintaining freshness of the packaged products until the best before date by using human and environment-friendly packaging materials compatible with the product’s shelf life,
  • Integrating the machinery and equipment used in the production with the technological developments, improving them through modifications, and establishing a state-of-the-art infrastructure. Thus, producing quality products as well as controlled and hygienic products through technological modifications,
  • Implementing hygiene and food safety practices successfully and continuously throughout the production process, and improving the competencies of our employees about food safety and continuously improving the food safety and quality culture are among our top priority food safety targets. We endeavor to achieve targets of our policy with the support of our quality targets set for our employees.

General Manager / Chairman