APS Packaging-Cosmetics and Household Cleaners Industry Inc.
Occupational Health and Safety Policy

In the course of our operations, we take as our duty to work in a healthy and safe environment, in mutual cooperation with customers, suppliers, organizations and all stakeholders in a circle of trust, to prevent accidents, injuries and health impairments, and take protective and preventive measures in line with this purpose.

We follow the legal and other conditions in terms of occupational health and safety; We organize and execute our areas and productions as required by the conditions in question, and adapt to the changes that will occur.

We identify all potential Occupational Health and Safety risks and opportunities that may arise in our organization, determine our resource needs, plan improvement activities that will eliminate dangers and reduce risks, and take the necessary measures. We inform the relevant parties about all risks, measures taken against risks and opportunities.

We consult our employees and employee representatives on all matters concerning occupational health and safety, aim to ensure their participation in order to make healthy and reliable work effective, raise awareness and train them with safe working practices.

We take care to work with suppliers that operate in a way that does not threaten occupational health and safety, and we cooperate in developing this awareness when necessary.

As required by our Occupational Health and Safety management system and our contexts, we review and continuously improve our system. In order to ensure the continuity and development of the management system, we set targets, follow up periodically, and take the necessary actions to achieve the targets.

General Manager / Chairman