APS Packaging-Cosmetics and Household Cleaners Industry Inc.
Occupational Health and Safety Policy

In the course of our operations, we assume the responsibility of working in a safe and healthy environment with the customers, suppliers and other organizations by establishing mutual trust and collaboration and we take protective and preventive measures towards achieving this goal.

We follow the local laws and regulations concerning Occupational Health and Safety; and adapt and perform the relevant areas and production operations in parallel with the laws and regulations; we comply with the relevant amendments.

We identify all potential Occupational Health and Safety risks that may arise in our organization and take actions that will bring such risks to acceptable levels. We keep our employees, guests and contractors informed about all risks and actions taken.

We pursue the objective of receiving contribution from all employees for the purpose of ensuring the efficiency of safe and healthy working; we train them on safe practices.

Attention is paid to work with suppliers operating in a manner not threatening the occupational health and safety; we collaborate for increasing the awareness on this matter when required.
We set targets that serve towards sustainability and improvement of OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety management system; we ensure continuous improvement through periodical monitoring.

General Manager / Chairman