APS Packaging-Cosmetics and Household Cleaners Industry Inc.

Driven by commitment to excellence throughout its operations, we aim to consistently meet and exceed the expectations of our customers with a range of services that go far beyond the production process itself.

As the extension of our customers’ manufacturing operations, we are more than a contractor, a service provider.

By supporting project management and packaging development, we help to bring our customers products to market better, quicker, and more cost -effectively.

Our portfolio of services ranges from the simple provision of excess capacity - for occasions when customers’ own facilities are overextended-to the delivery of integrated solutions incorporating development, manufacturing, packing, engineering, procurement and supply chain management.

Due to one or some of the below noted worldwide accepted reasons, since it’s establishment, APS has been a strategic partner for the FMCG companies;

The company may not have its own production plant in the country,

  • Even if the company has production plant, the production line for a specific product maynot exist, or the present production line may need too much modifications to produce that specific product,
  • The investment for a new production line may not be feasible,
  • The annual production quantity of that product may be very low,
  • Producing small quantities of many variants on a production line designed for mass production may not be productive,
  • Long set up times of the production line for a new product may cause serious increase in labor costs
  • The need and also the high cost for know-how/qualified staff related with the specific raw material/goods/processes...