APS Packaging-Cosmetics and Household Cleaners Industry Inc.
Our Mission, Vision and Fundamental Values

Our Mission;

Fully understanding the demands and expectations of our customers we see as "long-term business partners", keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level by meeting them at optimum levels through a customer-oriented approach.

Improving our system as a continuously learning organization by adding new systems to the existing systems for which we have certificates on quality management as may be required in the course of our future business operations.

Attaching importance to the occupational health and safety and natural resources, operating in compliance with the laws and legislation without making concessions to ethics.

Our Vision:

To maintain out leading positions in Turkish market with respect to packaging format and product diversity in Contract Packaging, Contract Manufacturing, Private Label Production operations for the cleaning products and cosmetics sector with our flexible structure, creative solutions and competitive prices without making concessions to the quality and service excellence in parallel with the demands and expectations of our customers.

Our Fundamental Values

  • Meeting product and service demands at maximum level based on the criteria identified in parallel with the customers' requirements.
  • Not making concessions to ideal business ethics and reliable operating principles by adopting a dynamic, fast and flexible management approach;
  • Using resources with optimum efficiency to the practicable extent, keeping costs at minimum levels, reflecting reduced costs to customers and preventing investments that will  create unexploited capacity for our company and country,
  • Establishing a permanent collaboration with our customers, achieving the profitability targets together through an effective and competitive approach,
  • Improving the quality of labour force by supporting the creativity and skills of company personnel from all levels,
  • Establishing a proper communication network within our organization and with our customers and suppliers, and adding value on continuous basis,
  • Creating an enjoyable working environment that is braced up by unity and solidarity.
  • Supporting proper functioning and continuous improvement of the quality management system based on our confidence in active participation of employees from all levels.
  • Showing responsibility in Occupational Health and Safety, taking the necessary actions and displaying determined efforts for continuous improvement of the quality in such actions.


  • Reliability and confidentiality: We attach importance to mutual reliability, confidentiality principles, the relevant standards and legal requirements while meeting the demands of our customers,
  • Hygiene:  We produce and store products in a clean and well-organized environment in conformity with the necessary health and hygiene conditions,
  • Financial capability guarantee: We provide guarantees to our customers upon request as a collateral to the value of raw materials and packaging materials delivered to our company or value of the products to be manufactured,
  • Insurance: We include the value of raw materials and packaging materials delivered to our company in the scope of our insurance policies,
  • Reliable and quality staffing pattern: We offer quality service guarantee by relying on the competences, loyalty and commitment of our staff members,
  • We comply with requirements of the Labour Law No. 4857 and the relevant regulations applicable in our country, we neither discriminate our employees not allow them to discriminate each other.
  • New investment: We take quick investment decisions and implement them in case the demand to customers’ products exceeds the planned levels.